Why hello there! Sooo..., I like old books and the smell of rain, and I enjoy musicals  - wait, no, hold on, this sounds like a personals add.
Anyway, I'm 18 and I am seeking to be an actor or singer when I get out of college. This is usually a fandom blog but whatever happens happens, you know? Hope you like what you find! If you need me, I'll just be here, gallivanting about the universe.
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My friend’s dad used to work at a movie theatre where a lot of celebrities came to apparently and one time Tom Hanks came in and he was feeding tickets into the machine and couldn’t see anything so the guy up top was like “dude, that’s Tom Hanks” and her dad was like “yeah right if that’s Tom Hanks I’ll start eating these tickets” and Tom Hanks leans over the counter and whispers “start eating the tickets”